South Terrace Nursery and Clubrooms

We've taken on a major project this year. Setting up a nursery and our own clubrooms.
For more than ten years the Kadina Growing Group had been involving people with disabilities in running a plant nursery and selling plants on South Terrace in Kadina. However many changes in funding and other requirements meant the business was no longer able to operate.  

The Australian Plant Society Northern Yorke are now leasing the site.  APS members are very keen to propagate Australian plants on a bigger scale than their backyard gardens. They need plants for community sites that they help maintain.  The District Council of Copper Coast owns the site and have now leased it to us.

The APS NYP has been very active for over twenty years so it’s good to have our own site.  The clubrooms have already proven to be fine for night meetings and as a spot to rest after a busy morning’s work. The bare bones are there and the group is prioritising what we need to do to improve the facility.

We've been spending every Thursday morning, initially tidying up and repairing the clubrooms and weeding the gardens. The gardens  have many native plants that thrived over summer with no watering. We are keen to further develop the gardens to showcase the plants that grow well in the area. This has meant taking out the exotic plants and the garden club members have helped out by taking plants to transfer to their plots.

The big challenge will be to re-establish the nursery. 






All community members are welcome to join us

Kadina’s Community Garden is in an adjoining yard sharing a common car park area.



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