Monday, 26 May 2014

Think we might be making a difference..............................some a year ago and May 2014.
Thanks to the District Council Copper Coast for the grant to buy this shed.
It even has tools in it now, so there's no longer the need to bring your own tools to help maintain the grounds. 
Come along on the morning of the first Tuesday of the month if you want to join in. 
Hmm...Can't work out why some of these comparison photos will line up next to each other, and why some won't.  Any ideas?


  1. That's looking great David, and Sandy , and others. It's good having photos from the beginning, so you can see your progress.
    Chris and I enjoyed planting trees and releasing others from their tree guards at the COOTs Pine Point road site on Saturday. The trees will be loving this rain. we are promising ourselves we will visit the site in Spring to see the stand of Acacia rhetinocarpa in bloom.
    I wish I knew how to do a posting on this blog, rather than making a comment. I need lessons.

  2. The work is really making progress. Well done David and Sandy, and all the others who have helped along the way. It's good to have photos from the start of the project.