Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Flowering Garden in September near Wallaroo

What an amazing garden that Coral and Rick have created. It was delightful checking out the hundreds of Aussie bushes and trees, and watching the various birds and insects flitting about. No joe blakes crossed our paths which was a relief.

So many plants were in flower and I've featured some of the wide collection of eremophilas in this post. I'm not confident to give any of their names.  Help is needed!!!!

My favourites are ones that have two displays because the colourful bracts at the base of the flowers remain when the flowers are finished.  Is there a technical term for this?  

Then there are the numerous eremophilas that have spotted flowers. Are they all E.maculata?

Some of the bushes were covered in a profusion of dainty little blooms........

 .......and others had equally dainty blooms, just few of them.

And have you noticed the foliage on the shrubs?  This one would make you think it's a eucalypt. 

Hang on ....this is a eucalypt.

There was an abundance of plants blooming around the garden. Hope you like this selection as much as I do.

C and R. you have created a marvel.  Thanks for letting us share in it.

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  1. That is a stunning garden. I agree that the eremophilas with colourful bracts make particularly lovely garden plants. And the foliage of different eremophilas is intriguing. Do you know what the distinguishing features of plants are that put them in the eremophila group?