Monday, 6 October 2014

Pine Point in Bloom in September

The COOTS (Conservation of Our Threatened Species) group should feel very pleased with their efforts over the years when they look over the reserve at Pine Point. 

The Acacia rhetinocarpa that they've focussed on are in full bloom and look very healthy. 

When you look closely at the blooms you can see they are lovely big globules of yellow made all the more startling because the plant has small leaves.

A.rhetinocarpa is an endangered plant endemic to SA so it needs our TLC in many settings. It's good to know that other people are also growing the shrub across Yorke Peninsula which helps with its conservation.

Several plants that are rare and more difficult to propagate were flowering including Olearia pannosa and Kennedia prostrata. 

A few of these plants are growing in reserves and roadside corridors but haven't worked their way into this bigger reserve so it's good the COOTS people have propagated and planted them.

Our Aust Plants Society NYP group's logo, the Pittosporum angustifolia (native apricot) has worked it's way from the roadside onto the site.

Can you find one of the locals that was scuttling along near the native apricot?

I've recently discovered if you click on the photo it will enlarge, and enable you to look at all the pics. You may see it better that way. 

The real show stopper in September was the Lasiopetalum genus.  I think I saw three species flowering magnificently and within a few metres of each other.  I've never seen them this healthy looking or this prolific.

Here is the challenge for the COOTS group, and all of us really - to turn the wild oats  and onion weed community in the especially rocky section at the top of the site into something like it was prior to white settlement.

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