Wednesday, 28 January 2015

More Australian floral delights in Kadina

Many plants besides the eremophilas were flourishing at Sandy's and Tim's garden.


Goodenia (ovata?) made a bright groundcover. Goodenias are attractive plants to butterflies and caterpillars adding to the beauty and diversity of the garden.

I think this plant with its charming clusters of small white daisies is an ixodia.

This melaleuca cardiophylla is a prostrate form. I figure it's called cardiophylla cos of the sweet heart shaped leaves.
I hope you can enlarge the picture to see the leaves by clicking on it.

Many plants were coming to the end of their blooming period having been in flower for several months. Sandy collects  seeds and takes cuttings so others can plant them in their gardens and at the Farm Shed gardens.

This yellow everlasting daisy is xerochrysum bracteatum. The bracts of the flowers are really stunning.

The erodiophyllum elderi should sprout again in autumn and put on another grand display of blue flowers next spring. I can't get my tongue around this botanic name. It's much easier to call this plant Koonamore Diasy.

These  bluebells mixed with some spent daisies made a delightful picture but my camera struggles to capture blue well.  The bluebells are wahlenbergia but I don't know what species. And I'd be really struggling to identify the daisies.

This yellow flowered shrub had re-sprouted following the rain, with lots of fresh lime green leaves.  But what is it????

This melaleuca (nesophylla?) has finished flowering and now its seed pods are making a fine display.  The shrub is almost 2 m tall and has thrived in Sandy and Tim's garden. 

I think all of these plants originated from somewhere other than Yorke Peninsula so it's great to see them growing so well here. 

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