Monday, 26 January 2015

Australian floral delight in Kadina

When we were wandering through Sandy's and Tim's garden last week we were delighted to see the range of Aussie plants that were thriving. 
We'd had a much needed 50mm rain the previous week, so everything was looking refreshed. Eremophilas tend to flower when it rains so there was a great display from new little plants such as E. muelleriana and E. macdonnellii..... metre high shrubs like E. glabra and one of my favourites, E. cunefolia .........

..... through to the long established tall shrubs, E.miniata and E.alternifolia.

 I'm not certain of the names of these plants, so please correct any I've got wrong.
Shall continue with Sandy's and Tim's garden in the next blog

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