Friday, 23 September 2016

APS SA Regional Conference Speakers

APS South Australia  2016 Regional Gathering  held in Angaston weekend 17th 18th September
Day One Speakers            

               Speaker - Dean Nicolle.
               Topic - Eucalypts for Gardens
Dean presented an informative overview of his top 10 eucalypts for gardens. Dean was very articulate in his presentation, easy to listen to and covered information relevant to home gardeners without getting too technical. His presentation included great photos and plenty of content from his new books. Need to visit his website or his arboretum at Currency Creek.

Many people bought his new books.  Don't worry if you missed out. We expect to have copies available for purchase at the Spring Expo, Flower Show and Plants Sale at the Adelaide Showgrounds, 8th and 9th October. See our website for details.…/society-plant-sales.…

               Speaker - Terri Bateman Donovan
               Topic - Rare Plants of the Barossa Region
Terri provided a very informative introduction to the Barossa Valley with her descriptions of rare plants in the area. She selected a wondrous array of pictures from Don Helbig's collection of 8000 images and clearly explained the plants and possible reasons for their rarity.  The Barossa has almost as little remnant scrub and bushland reserves as our Yorke Peninsula and it was interesting to see similar plants featuring in the two areas.    Thanks Terri and Don           

                 Speaker - Daniel Duval
                 Topic - Seed Conservation in SA
Daniel made seed collection sound like an adventure! Nice to hear someone so passionate about their job and the conservation of SA plants.
Daniel showed his extensive knowledge of plants and their provenance and gave an interesting insight into his career choice and hands on experience of "seed hunting".
He showed the audience the exciting website, "Seeds of South Australia", a great resource with seed images taken with camera microscope as well as images of plant and fruits. The site contains info about 70% of SA's plant species and will always be a work in progress as species info is uploaded, and new species are identified
Visit the website  and their blog, "Seed Hunters".
Daniel said they are often looking for volunteers  and to work on the website and to assist on seed collection trips across SA.

Thanks Daniel. (Pictured in blue shirt, third from right)

 Dinner Speakers - Maree and Graham Goods
Topic - The Little Desert 
Maree and Graham have spent a LOT of time in the Little Desert, Victoria and their book, "Birds and Plants of the Little Desert" is a beautiful collection of photographs. Maree and Graham were very entertaining as they told stories about the amazing creatures they have discovered on their many trips in "their" desert. They have assisted with many biological surveys in the area and through out Aus. They are the "go to" people when academics and researchers are looking at the flora and fauna of this area and generously shared their knowledge with us.  Graham's message was 'come and visit . Be aware and observe closely'.
The Company Kitchen in Angaston gave us good food and a warm setting.  The delightful company and excellent speakers turned a very cold night into very enjoyable evening.

Thanks Maree and Graham.

And thanks Lynlee Sloper for most of the text and photos in this post.

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