Saturday, 24 September 2016

APS SA regional gathering - excursions

Saturday afternoon was spent at either the Barossa Bushgarden or Don Helbig's remnant scrub.

 Barossa Bushgardens
At the  Bushgardens, on the outskirts of Nuriootpa, some participants chose to take part in workshops about PH in relation to propagating plants, native flora in art, or in bonsai.
Others of us went on guided tours of the gardens within the Bushgardens. The Barossa Species Garden featured local plants that grow well in home gardens while the Plant Collection displayed threatened species as part of the group's conservation work.

The dedicated people who have involved so many community groups in continuing to further develop the gardens have every right to be very proud of their achievements.
Thanks Rob and Trevor

Walk in Don Helbig's scrub

 Luckily the rain held off long enough for an explore among the treasures in this rare remnant of scrub in the Barossa. Don has managed this block since 2003 removing weeds, erecting fences and photographing and recording the many species present. He has re-introduced species known to have flourished in the Barossa prior to clearing for viticulture and agriculture.
Plants fruiting or flowering on the walk included:
Leptomeria aphylla (Leafless Currant)
Astroloma conostephioides (Heath)
Caesia calliantha (Blue Grass-lily)
Eutaxia (Bush pea)
Pultenaea (also a (Bush pea)
Acacia acinacea (Gold dust Wattle)
Bulbine bulbosa (Bulbine Lily)
Diurus behrii (Cowslip Orchid)
Thelymitra (Sun orchid)
Plantago (Native plantain) and
Grevillea lavandulacea (Lavender Grevillea)
Thanks again Don.

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