Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Butterfly delight

Jan White reports a delightful time in her garden.
"A short sunny  break in an otherwise cloudy  morning, brought a very pretty butterfly  to my lavender garden. I discovered it was a yellow admiral, one I had not seen before.
After a quick dash to the house to get my camera, I was fortunate in that the butterfly was still very intent on feeding on the nectar, allowing me to get several shots with the camera set on Super Macro. It was a very pleasurable and wonderful moment.
Photographed with an OLYMPUS STYLUS 100EE camera on July 9th 2014."
Jan's garden has a lovely range of Aussies, but this butterfly chose to feed on the exotic lavender. Shan't hold it against the wonderful visitor. I'm watching my lavender patch more closely in the hope of such a visitation.


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