Saturday, 19 July 2014

Flowering in July cont'd Victoria Park Moonta

When I walked in the park in June the only species I saw flowering (beside the weeds!!) was the Piitosporum angustifolia, our group's floral emblem.   
The walk today was delightful with some bushes and trees beginning to flower.

Do you know what this is?  The small white flowers are bell shaped, 5 petals and the leaves are sparse and firm. The small bushes are spread all around the park.

  Thanks experts. This plant is Cryptandra amara. 

Two species of wattles were bursting out. 
This prickly Acacia spinescens may well have been part of the 'impenetrable scrub' that gave Moonta its name.

 Acacia  pycnantha looked so cheerful. The grove of  golden wattle near McCauley Park also looks delightful at the moment and will continue for about a month.

I have yet to find out what this shrub is. It has very small yellow flowers with 4 petals. It could be a pimelea (rice flower) but it grows to over 1 m. Any ideas???

  And this is Pimelea serpyllifolia.   

It's getting very interesting at fairy garden level. My grand-daughter comes here to hunt for orchids and tiny toadstools.

Wurmbea dioca are up and plants are spread over a good area of the park.

And the dwarf greenhood grows in the moss, along with tiny toadstools.  I think the greenhoods are Linguella sp.???  

There are lots of leaves of other orchids, so I'm looking forward to seeing the flowers soon.

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  1. Bit hard to tell from the first photo but the small white flowering shrub is probably Cryptandra amara and the yellow-flowering shrub is definitely Pimelea serpyllifolia.