Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Flowering in Moonta in July

I've just taken a short walk around my garden to see what's in flower in mid-winter. It WAS a short walk cos it's cold and miserable outside. There are many plants coping with the wind and rain and flowering beautifully. 

Some plants have been flowering for a few months, eg Acacia iteaphylla (Flinders ranges wattle), Pandora jasminoides, Dodonea viscosa (purple hop bush), Chrysocephalum apiculatum (golden everlasting) and plenty of eremophilas and grevilleas. It's been lovely watching the various correas. The bells hang so gracefully and the honey eaters keep us entertained with their acrobatics while they take the nectar from the plants.

Some new flowers have emerged to brighten the garden. Please correct me if I have the names wrong - I'm still learning.  I think they are called:
Oleria picridifolia

Hardenbergia violacea alba (happy wanderer)

Kennedia nigricans (black coral pea)

Eremophila brevifolia

I'll add more plants and photos asap. The cold and rough weather only lasts a day or two here.
I hope I'll get to a couple of conservation reserves, including Agery and Pine Point, and community projects to check them out as well.

What's flowering in your garden?

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